We provide strategy services to businesses. Our twenty-strong team use market led analysis to develop strategies to transform businesses to achieve accelerated growth.

The business is founded by two key partners who have over twenty years together working on hundreds of growth strategies for businesses of all sizes.

Debbie Humphrey

Founder & Lead Strategist

Debbie has owned and operated her own businesses since she was 20 years old. Gaining a ‘business principles’ grounding in a corporate environment, she became a full-time entrepreneur in 2000. In the past 13 years, she has designed growth strategies for large corporations including Fonterra, Bluescope, Carters and Meridian as well as being an owner in over 12 of her own start-ups. This work was recognised by winning the Start-up Entrepreneur of the Year in 2005.

Kimball Fink-Jensen

Lead Analyst

Kimball began his career in Investment Banking and then selected a range of corporate roles in strategic development projects. Since 2002 Kimball has been consulting to large corporations on developing strategic level plans and financial models for growth projects. He has worked on over twenty strategic growth and process improvement assignments, spanning a broad range of industries.

Aaron Humphrey

Market Development

Over the past 25 years Aaron has accumulated a breadth of commercial experience in and around the accounting industry from Chartered Accountancy to Corporate Relationship Management. He has worked with large organisations in an employee capacity and serviced small to medium businesses through his own accounting practice for seven years.

Tina Klay

Market Development

Tina is passionate about affecting positive change to supercharge the success of New Zealand businesses.  She has over a decade of successful experience in sales, marketing and project management.  Tina is a strategic thinker and creative problem solver but is happiest driving positive outcomes and innovative solutions for customers.

Timely Solutions

Our projects work in six-week cycles and deliver an interaction experience based on on a series of mini workshops.

Innovative Ideas

We pride ourselves on doing things differently, being disruptive, and delivering meaningful outcomes for our clients.

Clear Communication

Our services are delivered in a structured way to ensure full involvement of you and your team but also minimising your time requirements.

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