Market Scan

A desktop research process to identify the structure and dynamics of the market:

Consumer Drivers – identify who are the key target customers/countries and what drives their buying behaviour.

Value Chain Analysis – identify the structure and dynamics along the value chain and in your industry to identify white spaces that are currently not being offered.

We then synthesize this analysis to determine the best fit strategic options for your business.

Business Case

A financial modelling process to collect a fact-base that validates the assumptions of different growth strategies being considered:

Business Model – what the alternative income streams and operational models to support accelerated growth.

Financial Forecast – what is the financial forecast and implications of different implementation decisions.

Risk Analysis – identify the potential risks with alternative strategies and the potential to mitigate those risks.

We then synthesize this analysis to identify a compelling and lucrative growth strategy for your business.


Debbie Humphrey

Debbie Humphrey

Lead Strategist

Kimball Fink-Jensen

Kimball Fink-Jensen

Lead Analyst

Tina Klay

Tina Klay

Market Development

Aaron Humphrey

Aaron Humphrey

Market Development


Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“Spring provided us the guidance we needed to start thinking about ways to make positive changes in our business rather than be side tracked by the day to day issues.”

Hayley Molloy

Founder, Molly Woppy

“The impact of working with Spring in the beginning of our business allowed us to really have a holistic view of the market and plan out our growth strategy.”

Carmen Vicelich

Founder, Data Insight

“Other than my wife I haven’t enjoyed someone holding my hand as much as Spring has, on the journey of achieving great success for Eat The Kiwi and New Zealand.”

John Stokes

Owner, Produce Company

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