Data Insight

“The impact of working with Spring in the beginning of our business allowed us to really have a holistic view of the market and plan out our growth strategy, as well as understand market risks. So it was really valuable to understand and look at the business at a high level.”
Carmen Vicelich

Produce Company

“Other than my wife I haven’t enjoyed someone holding my hand as much as Spring has, on the journey of achieving great success for Eat The Kiwi and New Zealand."
John Stokes

World Vision

“I’ve worked with many consulting houses and few leave any ‘DNA’ in the organisation once they are gone. What I have most appreciated about the Spring team is their ability to get alongside management, spend the time getting to know the business and then through a mix of insight, experience, facilitation and coaching embed in the organisation not just new ideas but new ways of working. They understand the power of co-creation.”
Chris Clarke
CEO World Vision New Zealand


“Freeview operates as a joint venture working collaboratively with competing shareholders and stakeholders in a complex and dynamic industry. The Spring process was ideal for engaging all shareholders and enabled Freeview to analyse options for continued growth and develop a coherent strategy.”
Sam Irvine
General Manager


“Spring is my go-to company for analysing market opportunities. As a professional independent director, I have been involved on various Boards where we have needed to understand the market landscape and shape strategy around that. I have used Spring on three boards so far, and their service is quick, efficient and cost-effective. Having an external partner brings an invaluable dimension to a company’s thinking.”
Mark Darrow

Molly Woppy

“Spring provided us the guidance we needed to start thinking about ways to make positive changes in our business rather than be side tracked by the day to day issues.”
Halley Molloy